Let’s catch up, Ninjas! September Project!

Whoa! Have you missed me?
I’ve missed you, but my focus has had to shift a little!
As of the end of August, Share Denver is entirely my baby.
To say “shit is crazy” is an understatement! But this labor of love is truly that – I am thrilled to be steering the ship and taking control of the vision of this amazing space that I love so much.

That being said…I miss you, Ninjas!
I miss the spirit and heart of Denver Craft Ninjas, but it’s always been my intention to start hosting Ninja events at Share Denver on a consistent basis and provide a place for us to see each other again and raise hell like we used to!

So, let’s do it! September is our month!

Join me for this super fun and simple last flowery hurrah before fall sets in! I’ll provide all the materials and you make giant paper flowers to your heart’s content!
What’s Included: All supplies!
What to Bring: BYOB, cool dance moves, good vibes!
September 7th from 1 PM -5 PM
Click here to register!

Let’s have some fun and make some fun, colorful flowers! I can’t wait to see you!


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Book Club – #GIRLBOSS

About a month ago, I downloaded Sophia Amoruso’s book #GirlBoss. When you see a hashtag take off the way #GirlBoss does, it’s hard not to feel like you should investigate.
And I gotta say, what I found resonated with me.


I’d like to say, in general, that I hate most things that everyone else loves. I don’t know – I’ve always been one of those people that immediately rejects things that are universally embraced by the rest of the world. Maybe it’s elitist, snobby, or exclusive…but it’s who I am.
So, I was skeptical of Amoruso’s book – and I realize, that’s what she would want from me. I learned, in the first chapter, that she doesn’t want me to idolize her, or anyone for that matter, but to be my own idol. Great way to start a book about being a #GirlBoss!

There are so many gems in this book. So many places where I was like, “Oh my! Why aren’t Sophia and I friends?!”.
I don’t want to spoil them for you because you should read the hell out of this book, but here is a list of my fave gems:

-Believe in yourself and other people will believe in you too!
-Hard work, creativity, and determination make things happen.
-Believe what you’re doing will have positive results (even if it’s not immediately obvious).
-You don’t get what you don’t ask for.
-You can’t have it all and nothing comes easy.
-Take risks.

Basically, this book is amazing. Sophia owns her past, her present and future and she’s not embarrassed to talk about where she comes from or where she sees herself heading.
It’s so refreshing to see a woman walk the walk, talk the talk, and take control of her business and her life and not be ashamed of what she doesn’t know.

If you’re a female entrepreneur, buy this book. If you’re a dreamer, buy this book. If you’re looking to commiserate about 90s fashion and dumpster diving, buy this book!
And then read it!
And talk to me! Because I’ve been waiting to talk about it with someone!


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Crafty Goods – 6/27/14

Crafty Goods 6/27/14

Whew! It’s been a whirlwind around the Denver Craft Ninjas/Share Denver HQ!

I went to Alt Summit (and saw Martha Stewart), celebrated a birthday, and have been non-stop working! It’s good for me! I like staying busy!

Here’s what’s happening around these parts!

-Being crafty is good for your brain! My friend Shellie sent me this great link about how textile crafts are like meditation and benefit your noggin! Know what’s great? Share Denver is offering crochet, embroidery, and cross stitch in the month of July! Come on in and get yourself a zen hobby!

Handmade Homemade is this weekend! We’re really excited about this one! Our friend Crazy Mae’s is gonna be there!
But there’s bound to be all kinds of goodies to get your paws on! Saturday the 28th at Youth on Record (1301 W. 10th – $5 donation with $1 going to Youth on Record’s Alternative Music Education Programming), you guys!

-The Denver Public Library is ALREADY accepting applications for their 2014 Paris Holiday Market! Get your act together and apply! Click here for all the details!

-Don’t forget to get in on the super fun Share Denver Happy Hour Craft happening tonight! DIY Tub Teas!
It’s a great way to kick off the weekend! A little pampering and you deserve it!

-And hey! If you’re keen on sharing some of your own skills, come to the Share Denver Teacher Training happening on July 5th! It’s a great opportunity to teach your talents, meet new people, and make a little extra scratch for summer adventures and cocktails! Get registered and I’ll show you the ropes!

Have a great weekend, you sweet Ninjas!

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Altitude Summit – Summer

Alt Summit Summer
Sometimes I think I must have done something right in life because I know wonderful, gracious people.
About a week ago, I got a frenzied GChat prompt from Sara of Meanest Look.
She said, “I have a very important question for you”. Sort of scary right?
Sounded daunting, but it turns out…Sara had an extra ticket to Alt Summit’s SLC Summer program. And she wanted to give it to me.

We went back and forth chatting about logistics and the next thing I knew…I was registered for one of the best conferences for bloggers, thinkers, and creatives.

I can’t even say how appreciative I am for the opportunity to explore the workshops being offered, but more importantly, I’m psyched to hang with Sara, network with all kinds of interesting people, and use the time to build my business and boost my creativity!

I’ll share my trip with you for sure! And if you’re going to be there…LET ME KNOW! I want to meet you, I want to hang heavy and talk about what you do and grow my community!

Have you been to Altitude Summit before? Tell me what’s good friends!

Salt Lake City won’t know what hit it!

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Crafty Goods – 6/13/14

Summer Hair

It’s almost summer! I mean, it feels like summer, but it’s not official yet.
Still, I have tomatoes growing, pansies peeking, and oregano getting bold! I’m so inspired by the Share Denver garden!

Sadly, I won’t be able to revel in all its green & growing glory – It’s a busy weekend!

Here’s what’s on my radar:

-Our pal Donna Diddit recently shared a link for the New York Maker Faire and I got excited thinking how cool it would be to have Colorado makers with their booths at this phenomenal event! Why don’t you apply? They are seeking makers and performers and the deadline is July 20th. You have plenty of time to get your act together!

-Did you hear that Taylor Swift is a cross stitcher? Well, she is and she made a super cool, Drake inspired needlepoint project for her friend Ed Sheeran. Take a peek here to see her work!

-So, no big deal, but yeah…we were invited back to TEDxMileHigh! Not only do they have their incomparable presenters every year, but the Exhibit Lounge is always a blast. With representation from great businesses and creators in Denver, it’s going to be a hoot! So, get a ticket and come see us! Come see all of it! There’s guaranteed inspiration up in that piece!

-As if there weren’t enough going on this weekend…it’s also Denver Comic Con weekend! We’re so excited that Denver will be awash in cosplay and major nerdery, but we know for a fact that there are some crafty vendors sharing their wares this year! If you don’t have tickets you might be out of luck, but if you’re one of the lucky ones, go get your nerd on and support your local vendors!

-And last, but certainly not least, Share Denver‘s got some super fun classes happening this weekend! Sterling is teaching her newly restructured Tarot 101 workshop and I’m teaching this crazy easy Beaded Plant Holder on both Sunday and Monday (just in case you’re wrapped up with Comic Con all weekend!).

Get out and explore this weekend, Denver! There’s so much to do!

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What Are You Working On?

Sometimes what I’m working on looks a lot like this.
I spent the weekend planning, strategizing, watching GIRLS on HBOGo and drinking wine.  Truth!

But I did get to participate in the Share Denver Etsy Craft Party and got to stitch and sequin a pretty phenomenal vintage photo.

Swim - Etsy Craft Party
What about you? What were you up to this weekend?
Share your own stitching projects, pics of your newly reorganized garage, or the gorgeous fruit salad you made for a BBQ! Make sure to tag it with #WAYWO on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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Crafty Goods – 6/6/14


It’s Friday and there’s tons to celebrate this weekend! Let’s get to it!

-I’m so excited to be hosting Share Denver‘s first ever Etsy Craft Party tonight!
Come embroider and embellish vintage photos – you can use some of ours or you can bring your own! We’ll have beer too!
I mean, it couldn’t be a better arrangement!
Grab a spot here or just drop in for $5 at the door! It’s gonna be a blast!

Rakun is celebrating their birthday today! Go visit them and participate in all kinds of fun things & opportunities to win goodies! Learn more here.

-Those sweeties at Lowbrow Denver are having their annual Birthday Toy Show! Go drink a beer on them, check out the art, and buy a glitter marker or two!

-Tomorrow is Share Denver Teacher Training!
All are welcome to drop by to learn more about what it takes to be a part of our stellar gaggle of teachers – it starts at 10:00 AM and won’t take too long, I promise! Come learn more!

– Our friends Ink Lounge are celebrating their grand re-opening in their new space and I’m psyched beyond belief for them! They’re going to have all kinds of fun stuff – fox themed screen print exhibit by more than 24 local artists, kids t-shirt printing, screen print demonstrations, live music, and food vendors! Hit up this link for more info!

-Fave dude Brian Corrigan’s amazing project OH HECK YEAH is finally opening this weekend, you guys! I just think Brian hung the moon and he’s been working so hard on this totally insane immersive street arcade! Yep! Downtown streets turned into video games for your playing pleasure! Just go check it out and be a part of it all!

-And finally, the People’s Fair is happening this weekend! Wander over to Cap Hill and take part in all the madness of this annual street fair! With music, performers, arts and crafts, stuff for kids, a wine pavilion (!!!), and food trucks & concessions, you’ll feel like you got a little piece of everything that Denver has to offer!

Get outside and explore your city, the creatives, the small businesses, the real heart of this amazing city!
See you soon, I hope!

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